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Julia’s homework for 7/13/11

problem #1

And a hole at -2


Julia Ford homework 7/12/11

1.  My blog name

2. I think that blogging would help my students and parents understand the topics we are covering in class.  Students could also comment on my blog with their specific questions or concerns. I could also post helpful websites for additional study.  If students or parents have smartphones with internet capability, they can still access the blog. I learned that I need to remember more of what I’m supposed to know. I teach 8th grade math, and it’s hard to pull up Calculus and analytic thought beyond what I’ve been teaching.  Problem—a lot of my students do not have access to the internet outside of school.

4. I posted a comment on the calendar Thinkin’ bout’ goin’ home.

5. Dan Meyer’s post.  Some of the images are linked incorrectly at this time, so be sure to download the full archive.

[3ACTS] Pyramid Of Pennies

My students have difficulty understanding volume. Through Dan’s pictures I will have a good topic for journal writing and be able to allow students to form their own questions just by looking at the series of pictures that build the pyramid from the ground up.

6. My rational function that has roots at 0,1 ,and -1. and has an asymptote at -2 and a hole at x=2



Classwork 7/12/11 using latex in a blog

Pythagorean Theorem: If a, b, and c are the sides of a right triangle a^2+b^s=c^2.

A trig identity: \tan x=\frac{\sin x}{\cos x}.




=\frac{3(x+2}{3(x+2)}\mbox{ except for}x=3

A polynomial is a function that can be written in the form


Here’s a link to Math into Latex


My sweet baby boy and his wife

My son Curtis and wife, Jenni. Curtis is going to Afghanistan Monday, August 1st. He’ll be there for 15 months. Please pray for Curtis and Jenni, too.

 More pics here

We're gettin' married!!!

We're married!!!


Well Here We Are

Mrs. Ford is posting her stuff to the blog.

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