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Response to Mr. Ross’ comment on NCTM PSSM Document

In response to Concern #3, Mr. Ross addresses the need for students to develop mathematical reasoning skills within and throughout their education.  The NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics or PSSM document was cited several times in his article to support his concern that a more rigorous approach to deductive reasoning and proof should be employed in our schools. Along with Mr. Ross, I happen to concur with the quote taken from the PSSM, “Reasoning and proof should be a consistent part of students’ mathematical experience in prekindergarten through grade 12.” Our state standards are supposed to reflect the standards published by NCTM.  Hopefully, with the new STAAR testing our schools will begin to implement more rigorous curriculums for students in the mathematics classroom.

Kenneth Ross MAA Article


Homework Posts Problem #1 and Problem #2

My 8th graders know very little to nothing about irrational numbers. In eighth grade, square roots, Pythagorean theorem, and irrational numbers are introduced. Students are only required to estimate irrational numbers in problem situations.

Students in eighth grade only discuss that in a later course, they will see imaginary numbers.

I posted this comment on Jerald Cameron’s blog

If your 8th grade teachers are teaching their TEKS SE’s, the teachers are to teach the following:

8.1C approximate (mentally and with calculators) the value of irrational numbers as they arise from problem situations (such as π, \sqrt{2} )

8th grade is the first time irrational numbers are listed in the TEKS.



Homework Day 1 Julia Ford MTE 570

Exercise Set 1.1p. 21

#4  Let x,y,a,b, and c represent real numbers. Determine if the given expression is a sentence.

a.)   x = y is a sentence. In fact, it is an open statement, because it has no truth value.

b.)   x + y is not a complete thought, it does not contain a verb, therefore it is not a sentence.

c.)   x < y is a sentence. In fact, it is an open statement, because it has no truth value.

d.)  x ÷ y is not a complete thought, it does not contain a verb, therefore it is not a sentence.

e.)  \-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac} is not a complete thought, it does not contain a verb, therefore it is not a sentence.


What’s new in technology for the classroom

Please comment and share your discoveries

Skype for teachers CNet article   To get Skype FREE for the classroom and find collaborative partners all over the world click here for the education link or go to

Echo System 4 for Ipad, Android Tablets, and others helps to create a “virtual, paperless classroom environment”

Share what you see on your computer monitor instantly using the web, email, IM, blog, twitter, wikis with Jing software from According to their site it’s simple and best of all it’s free.

Feeling secure in your teaching position. Check out this article on CNet by Tim Hornyak  Korean schools welcome more robot teachers  I wonder how good this robot teacher is at putting on bandaids?

Plugging into the next generation of workers.  There was a time when hard work began at home.  Many young people were groomed for the family business. Farming was the livelihood of the family and a key to survival. Check out some classroom ideas that are shaping the future from Alan November Students as Contributors: The Digital Learning Farm

Ready to check out the latest in tech gadgetry for your classroom take a peek at Education World’s Gadget of the Week Archive lots of cool stuff and ideas.  Also check out the left sidebar links for other techy stuff.

What is Web 2.0 anyway?

Here’s a short course.

The Big picture


Cool websites for education

If you find something new and interesting to add, post a comment.

This is a youtube video that discusses education Sir Ken Robinson

the video will start at the middle.

I love this new stuff self-adhesive dry erase paper from ikordesign



Homework for 7/22/11

I subscribed to Mister Teacher Blog  I really liked some of the free mini-movies and other reasonably priced items. Since I am getting a Mimio (sort of like a Smartboard) I can use the tools on this website.

Also found one for me Math in the Middle Discusses topics and interesting resources for middle school teachers.


Julia Ford Homework 7/15/11

Response to #4 Math Teachers at Play

The Math Teachers at Play Article Zero Knowledge

This is something I can use in my class to help students, once again, see that taking the square root of a number is not the same as dividing by 2 or by 4. Invariably my 8th graders want to divide to find values for rational and irrational numbers. I’ve had them make squares and still they want to divide.

I’ve never seen this before and it seems like a very good way to help students estimate irrational roots and find out what two integers irrational roots are between.

Response to question #5

Truly enjoying the class. I am learning some things I’ve never seen as well as going over math I haven’t used in a while.  This class has gotten my head out of the 8th grade math class and into what is taught and learned in upper level math classes. It is challenging to change from teacher to student.  Not sure what to tell you I need. Based on the questions I’ve been asking in class, it’s pretty obvious that all help is appreciated. We are going to be doing upper level math classes so I need to go over the acceptable notations for writing sets, for every, for all, if and only if and others.

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