What’s new in technology for the classroom

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Skype for teachers CNet article   To get Skype FREE for the classroom and find collaborative partners all over the world click here for the education link or go to education.skype.com

Echo System 4 for Ipad, Android Tablets, and others helps to create a “virtual, paperless classroom environment”

Share what you see on your computer monitor instantly using the web, email, IM, blog, twitter, wikis with Jing software from TechSmith.com. According to their site it’s simple and best of all it’s free.

Feeling secure in your teaching position. Check out this article on CNet by Tim Hornyak  Korean schools welcome more robot teachers  I wonder how good this robot teacher is at putting on bandaids?

Plugging into the next generation of workers.  There was a time when hard work began at home.  Many young people were groomed for the family business. Farming was the livelihood of the family and a key to survival. Check out some classroom ideas that are shaping the future from Alan November Students as Contributors: The Digital Learning Farm

Ready to check out the latest in tech gadgetry for your classroom take a peek at Education World’s Gadget of the Week Archive lots of cool stuff and ideas.  Also check out the left sidebar links for other techy stuff.

What is Web 2.0 anyway?

Here’s a short course.

The Big picture


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