Julia Ford Homework 7/15/11

Response to #4 Math Teachers at Play

The Math Teachers at Play Article Zero Knowledge

This is something I can use in my class to help students, once again, see that taking the square root of a number is not the same as dividing by 2 or by 4. Invariably my 8th graders want to divide to find values for rational and irrational numbers. I’ve had them make squares and still they want to divide.

I’ve never seen this before and it seems like a very good way to help students estimate irrational roots and find out what two integers irrational roots are between.

Response to question #5

Truly enjoying the class. I am learning some things I’ve never seen as well as going over math I haven’t used in a while.  This class has gotten my head out of the 8th grade math class and into what is taught and learned in upper level math classes. It is challenging to change from teacher to student.  Not sure what to tell you I need. Based on the questions I’ve been asking in class, it’s pretty obvious that all help is appreciated. We are going to be doing upper level math classes so I need to go over the acceptable notations for writing sets, for every, for all, if and only if and others.


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  1. July 20, 2011 at 8:51 am

    that is a very interesting article! I’m going to have to look at it some more!

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